Volunteer Opportunities

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Are you looking for more ways to get involved with the conference? Why not volunteer!

The following positions are available.

Board Dinner Guide

A volunteer will be needed for each board dinner this volunteer will help gather the group who have signed up for their dinner or fun activity and lead the group to the location. Groups will meet in the lobby of the hotel; this volunteer should hold up the sign-up sheet with the location name on it, so people can easily find their group. When arriving at the dinner or activity, this volunteer is responsible for facilitating communication and addressing any needs from members.

Room Monitors

The Room Monitor is responsible for introducing the presenter to the group by reading the presenter’s bio that is featured in the Apra Conference Handbook. The room monitor will provide a 5 or 10 minute warning for the presenter before the end of the session, to ensure there is time for questions. The room monitor is responsible for thanking the presenter at the end of the session and providing an Apra thank you card from the committee co-chairs. The room monitor should ensure the noise level in the room isn’t disturbing the presenter or audience members. If the presenter is having technical issues the room monitor will be responsible for either assisting the presenter if possible or locating tech support personnel provided through the hotel. No prior technical experience is required to be a room monitor.

Registration Table

The registration table requires volunteers to help conference attendees check-in to the conference and pick up their conference materials. The registration chair is responsible for organizing attendee name tags with personalized session schedules, Volunteers at the registration table will assist the registration chair to help get attendees their proper name tag and conference package. Typically 2-3 volunteers are needed at the table the evening before the conference and the first morning of the conference. 1 volunteer will be needed at the registration table during the breakfast hour and during scheduled coffee breaks (approximately 15 minutes) throughout the conference.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, please contact Alice Wen.