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Contact Us

The contact us page provides users with options to contact board members or regional volunteers.

Sign in

Members, and volunteers can sign into the secured part of the website using the sign in page. All pages have a login panel in the left navigation. Clicking this panel will open the signin page. This login panel is replaced with menu items (including a log out function) once the user is signed in.

Membership Application

When a new user submits the membership application form, the following actions occur:

  1. A new user record is created in the "Users" database that contains the new username for this user (generated automatically based on the first and last name submitted).
  2. A record is created in the "Members" database containing their personal and contact information.
  3. An email is sent to them confirming their application
  4. An email is sent to Corinne Hynes with the values of their submission
  5. If they elect to pay by cheque, they are prompted with a Thank You page.
  6. If they elect to pay by PayPal, an online payment process is initiated and a "membership" item is added to a PayPal shopping cart. The user can choose to pay for their order, or continue shopping on the Apra Canada website. If they have an active PayPal shopping card, a PayPal icon will appear on the Apra Canada website.

Professional Development

Users can submit an order to purchase recordings of past events (Virtual Seminars) through the "Past Events" page. Upon opening a specific virtual seminar from the archive, they can click on the "Purchase via PayPal" button to initiate the shopping cart request described above (in Membership application section).