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2018 Apra Canada Board Elections

Information on candidates and a call to vote in the 2018 Apra Canada Election was e-mailed to the current Apra Canada membership on November 5. Note that only current Apra Canada members are eligible to vote in the election. If you are a current member and did not receive this e-mail, please contact the Apra Canada Secretary.

There are 10 candidates running for election to the board of Apra Canada in 2018 (listed alphabetically by last name):

  • Jessica Blencoe, Lakeridge Health Foundation (Oshawa, ON)
  • Cheryl Dalwood, Global Philanthropic Canada (Calgary, AB)
  • John Hermans, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)**
  • Kelly Langerfield, Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation (Markham, ON)
  • Mary MacLeod Lindsay, University of Guelph (Guelph, ON)
  • Sarah Marcotte, SickKids Foundation (Toronto, ON)
  • Cristina Naccarato, Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, ON)
  • Huzefa Rashid, University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Katherine Scott, Canadian Red Cross (York, ON)*
  • Steven Sorensen, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)**

*Running for a second term on the board

**Running for a third term on the board


Returning Apra Canada board members in 2018/2019 (fulfilling the second year of their current term) are:

  • Selene Hur, President (YMCA of Greater Toronto, Toronto, ON)
  • Sarah Anderson, Secretary (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC)
  • Corinne Hynes, Director of Membership (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS)
  • Alexandra Basen, Director of Professional Development (Nature Conservancy of Canada, Toronto, ON)
  • Sheila (Shea) Larin, Director of Communications (Trillium Health Partners Foundation, Toronto, ON)
  • Melanie Fulop, Member-at-Large (Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ottawa, ON)

The election poll will close on Monday, November 26th at 11:59 PM EST. Election results will be announced to the membership in early December.

Further information on the Apra Canada Board Election process can be found here.


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