Regional Representatives

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Regional Representative Guidelines:

The Apra Canada Regional Representative (aka Regional Volunteer) encourages and organizes social gatherings and networking opportunities for fellow members in his/her respective region. This may include such things as getting together for meals, drinks, events and/or holding group webinars. Apra Canada will provide $10 per Apra Canada member for a meal or a get-together once during the December holiday period and once during the summer months. The money is only provided to registered Apra Canada members and is only for events where the attending members are from different organizations. In order to get the reimbursement, members should submit a copy of the receipt (or receipts) along with the attendee names and his/her organizations to the Apra Canada Treasurer (John Hermans).

In order to become a Regional Representative, you must be an active Apra Canada member in good standing and must reside in the region in which you wish to represent.

If you are a Regional Representative and are trying to set-up a regional activity, here are some resources from the Apra Canada website:

List of Current and Upcoming Events

Information About Apra Canada Virtual Seminars

Getting your message out about your event via CANADA-PRSPECT-L

- Apra Canada Members Directory (please note that you need to be signed into your Apra Canada account in order to access the directory -- the link for the directory with appear on the left side of the Apra Canada page)

Apra Canada would love to hear about the various gatherings occurring across the country. Please feel free to provide any information, including photographs, about the event to the Director of Regional Representatives (Steven Sorensen). Unless specifically requested otherwise, the aforementioned information about the event will be shared with Apra Canada members through board reports and the Apra Canada newsletter The Scoop.

The name, organization and email address for the Regional Representatives will be added to the “Regional Volunteer” page on the Apra Canada’s website. This gives Apra Canada members the opportunity to contact their respective Regional Representative to inquiry about gatherings. All Regional Representatives’ questions, concerns, suggestions and/or requests for assistance, are to be sent to the Director of Regional Representatives.

A special thank you to our current reps who work hard to bring the researchers together for regional professional development, social events and networking opportunities. Please let Steven Sorensen know if you have had a regional event, an Apra promotional opportunity, would like to become a regional rep, wish to change your contact information, have any questions/concerns and/or you wish to end your tenure as a Regional Representative. We do have some openings available listed below. 


Regional Representatives:




Sandra Gomez - University of Calgary 




Steven Sorensen - University of Alberta, Edmonton





British Columbia


Karla Benson - University of Victoria






Jennifer Walton - University of Manitoba, Winnipeg


New Brunswick






Nova Scotia


Melissa Young - QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Halifax 







Lauren Burgess - University of Waterloo, Kitchener/Waterloo area

Mary MacLeod - University of Guelph, Guelph ON



Caitlin McLellan - Brescia University College-University of Western Ontario, London ON



Joanne Souaid - University of Ottawa



Sarah Marcotte - Sick Kids Foundation, Toronto



Nancy Parker - Parker Fundraising Strategies






Prince Edward Island







Huzefa Rashid - University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon