APRA Canada Mentorship Program - A Call for Mentors

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Call for Mentors!

Unsure about becoming a mentor in APRA Canada’s Mentoring Program? Here are some myth busters that will help push those doubts away…


**Myth #1: I can’t be a mentor. I don’t have years of experience and I don’t hold a senior level position.


Myth busted: Mentors come from all different backgrounds and career stages. It’s this diversity of volunteers and willingness to help others that makes a strong mentoring program. Right now, we have some mentees who are:

•             seeking guidance as solo researchers who are fairly new to prospect research

•             interested in learning more about predictive modelling and statistical analysis

•             looking for advice on career advancement


**Myth #2: I don’t have time to be a mentor.


Myth busted: Each mentee has different needs, so the time commitment for each mentor also varies. We’re looking for mentors to commit to at least one year, but the frequency of meetings during that period is determined with the mentee. 


**Myth #3: I’d like to help, but I don’t know of many prospect researchers in my geographic location.


Myth busted: One of the best aspects of the Mentoring Program is its flexibility. Meetings between mentors and mentees do not need to be in-person – email, phone and Skype exchanges can be just as effective. In fact, we have a few successful matches that connected prospect researchers in different provinces and they have never met face-to-face.


**Myth #4: I’ve never been a mentor before. I’m not sure if I have what it takes.


Myth busted: This is what APRA-C’s Mentoring Program is here for. When you volunteer to be a mentor, you’re also giving yourself the chance to develop your own leadership and coaching skills. We are happy to guide you along the process and share additional resources. 


FOR MORE INFO: http://www.apracanada.ca/mentoring_program OR selene.hur@ymcagta.org


 (‘Myth busters’ inspired by wct-fct.com)

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